Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica

Course License

Looking for something more modern?

If your university has a Mathematica site license, and you would like to use:

Rose and Smith (latest edition)
Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica
as a live real-time dynamic courseware text ... there is an absolutely wonderful new way to do it ... We call it our COURSE License ...
What’s included?
    Everything ...

  • Rose C. and M. D. Smith (latest edition)
    Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica – LIVE eBook with Solutions

  • mathStatica 2.7 Gold

  • Easy to administer:
    – one download; one password file for your whole site
    – install anywhere and everywhere with your Mathematica site license
    – install as many copies as you want (and pay nothing extra)
    – have total control and total freedom to install anywhere you want with your Mathematica site license.
    – Easy for you. Easy for us.

  • Easy to use: always there — just hit the Start button

  • Designed for your course: 4 month or 12 month course

  • Advanced live interactive textbook: the cutting edge of mathematical statistical eTexts — incredibly powerful, dynamic, exciting and fun too!

  • Special discounted pricing: For the price of 3 or 4 old-fashioned textbooks, you can run an entire course ... in a real-time dynamic interactive environment ... with the latest cutting edge software and dynamic eText available. And always receive the latest up-to-date version too!

Course License Price
  4-month Course
US$ 390  
12-month Course
US$ 790  


  1. Can my students use it too?

    Absolutely. If your students can use your Mathematica site license, then they will be able to install and use your mathStatica Course License FOR FREE. Your university can hand it out to anyone at the university. The license lasts the duration of the course (4 months or 12 months).

  2. What about students who purchase their own separate personal copy of Mathematica?

    The Course License covers any computer running your site license copy of Mathematica. This includes students running the site license $LicenseID of Mathematica on their computer. But, it would not include someone who purchases their own individual personal Mathematica $LicenseID, if that $LicenseID is different to the univeristy site $LicenseID.

  3. Can my colleagues in the department also use it?

    Yes – the Course license covers any computer running your site license copy of Mathematica.

  4. We don’t have a site license ... but we do have a DEPARTMENT/LAB license. Can we get a Course License for our Dept/Lab?

    Absolutely. The Course license will work on all computers in your DEPARTMENT/LAB that use your common Mathematica $LicenseID.