mathStatica 2.7  Linux

Before proceeding further ...
  • Mathematica must be installed on your computer (not included).

  • mathStatica 2.7 is self-contained:
    - no other files are needed (except your new password file)

Existing users ...
  • If you have an earlier version of mathStatica installed on your computer:

    ......... you MUST delete it first .........

    See Step 1 below for instructions on how to find your mathStatica installation folder.


Getting ready

You should have recently downloaded the file:

After 'unzipping', you will obtain a folder containing:

Step 1:  Drag both ...

  1. mathStatica.m      (file)
  2. mathStatica           (folder/directory)

into your:

... / Mathematica / Applications /

folder on your computer's hard drive.

Please read carefully.

How do I find my .../ Mathematica / Applications / folder?

Easy. Evaluate the following input in Mathematica on your computer, and it will show you the correct path on your computer:

ToFileName[{$UserBaseDirectory, "Applications"}]

Can I install anywhere else?

Yes. You can alternatively install into:

ToFileName[{$BaseDirectory, "Applications"}]

Only install into 1 location (not both).


Step 2:  Install your password file

Your password file will arrive by email.

Drag your password file  pass.txt  into your  mathStatica/Password folder.

That's it. Run Mathematica.

[ If Mathematica is already running, you will need to first quit Mathematica and then start it up again.
This is necessary in order for Mathematica to find the new mathStatica package, for the first time. ]

Your installation is now complete.

Loading mathStatica

Start up Mathematica 11 (or 10 or 9).
Go to its Palettes Menu and select the mathStatica palette, to make sure it is visible ... like so:

To load mathStatica:  simply press the 'Start' button ...

( If you cannot see this mathStatica palette,
please close all other palettes — they may be obscuring your view. )

If you are a command-line 1337 kind of person, you can always load mathStatica by evaluating ...


The Book palette should now appear:  ...

If you are new to mathStatica:
Click on the number 1 in the Book palette (this opens chapter 1 of the electronic book), and pop over to:
Section 1.3: Core Functions — Getting Started

To navigate: A single click on any heading opens up that section!

To see what's new in mathStatica 2.7:
Click on the:
mathStatica Palette HELP button

... and then select: Key New Features


Happy computing!

We do hope you enjoy using mathStatica 2.7

Installation problems? Please contact: