Installing mathStatica 1.2 GOLD - Windows

Before proceeding further ...
Please make sure you already have mathStatica 1.0 installed on your computer (Basic or GOLD) If you do not have mathStatica 1.0 installed on your machine, then you MUST first carry out Steps 1 and 2 on page 3 of the book before continuing further.


Step 1: Unzip

You should have just downloaded or received a file called ''.

Double-click on '' and hit the "Extract" button.


Step 2: Extract

Extract the archive to your mathStatica folder at:

C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\4.x\AddOns\Applications\mathStatica

Use the Folders/drives panel to navigate to the folder. When prompted to replace existing files, click "Yes to All".


Step 3: Your GOLD Password

Existing GOLD users: If you are an existing GOLD user, then your existing "pass.txt" password file will continue to work perfectly under mS 1.2. You do not need to make any changes. Please continue to Step 4.
New GOLD users: If you have just upgraded to GOLD, then your new mathStatica GOLD password file, "pass.txt" has been sent to your email address as an attachment. Put the file "pass.txt" into the mathStatica Password folder:

Step 4: Rebuild Help Index

Run Mathematica, go to its HELP menu, and select: Rebuild Help Index, as shown here:

Step 5: Load mathStatica

To start up mathStatica, simply evaluate the following in Mathematica in a new notebook:

For further details, please see page 5 of the book.

Once your installation is complete, PLEASE make a back-up.

Print - Please print these instructions before leaving.

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