Installation and Passwords

What should my installation look like, again?

Please see:   Installation instructions

I just upgraded to Mathematica 11. Which version of mathStatica do I need?

You need mathStatica 2.72 which is fully compatibile with Mathematica 11.

[ See: mathStatica compatibility table ]

Can I install a second copy of mathStatica on my portable / home computer?
Yes — if you have purchased a single-user license, we will support your use of mathStatica on both your work machine and also on your home/notebook computer that also has Mathematica installed on it (for the same user).

If, for some reason, your work and home machines have different Mathematica license numbers, please contact with full details of both your Mathematica licenses so that we can issue you with an appropriate password.

Can I install mathStatica in a Network environment?

  • Single-user License
    Yes. If you have purchased a single-user license of mathStatica, even though you are running a Network/site license of Mathematica, we can fully support your use as a single user by issuing you with a MachineID password. This will enable mathStatica to work perfectly on your computer, without having to purchase a multi-user license. This is very common at universities which have site licenses for Mathematica.

  • Multi-user enviroment
    Yes. If you running a site or Network copy of Mathematica, and you are seeking a multi-machine mathStatica multi-user license to match same, we can support you with a mathStatica Network License.