Pre-Purchase FAQ

Is the new Rose and Smith eBook available in a print version?

No. We are now 100% electronic!

Why an eBook?

The latest eBook is live, dynamic, real-time and very fancy. It docks seamlessly into your copy of Mathematica. There is no need to re-type equations, you can use it as a template for your own work, it’s easy to use, it’s fun, and it’s interactive.

Printed books are also too difficult (and too slow) to keep up-to-date in a world of changing software. We are likely going all-electronic into the future. The new eBook solution is less expensive to produce, has zero shipping costs for our users, comes as a single integrated bundle with mathStatica, can be activated on the same day, and it lowers the cost for end-users by about 50%!

Requirements: What do I need to run mathStatica and the new eBook?
You need a computer running Mathematica:

[ See: mathStatica compatibility table ]

The install requires roughly:

mathStatica 2.7:       59 MB of hard disk space
mathStatica 2.5:       56 MB of hard disk space
mathStatica 2.0:       46 MB of hard disk space

Can I get it on CD or by mail?

Download only.

After we receive your order, we send you a download link containing everything, and a separate password file by email.

We do not produce a physical CD version as this is too slow and too inefficient.

I don't have Mathematica. Can I still use mathStatica?
mathStatica exists on top of Mathematica, much like Microsoft Word exists on top of Windows, so you will need a copy of Mathematica in order to run mathStatica and the Rose and Smith eBook, just like you need a copy of Windows to run Word.

If you are in academia, your university probably already has some sort of site license for Mathematica and you may be able to obtain a copy for a nominal amount.

The fully functional Student version of Mathematica is superb value if you are eligible to purchase it, as is the fully functional Home edition of Mathematica. Please contact Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica, for pricing details regarding Mathematica.

Is mathStatica compatible with Mathematica 11 ?
Absolutely! — mathStatica 2.72 is fully compatible with Mathematica 11.

[ See: mathStatica compatibility table ]

Is mathStatica compatible with Mathematica 10 ?
Absolutely! — mathStatica 2.72 is fully compatible with Mathematica 10.

[ See: mathStatica compatibility table ]

Is mathStatica compatible with Mathematica 9 ?
Absolutely! — mathStatica 2.72 is fully compatible with Mathematica 9.

[ See: mathStatica compatibility table ]

Is mathStatica compatible with the Student version of Mathematica ?
Yes — mathStatica is 100% fully functional under the student version of Mathematica.

[ See: mathStatica compatibility table ]

What operating systems are supported?
Windows: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Mac: OS X

If you can run Mathematica on your platform, then a version of mathStatica is compatible with your platform.

mathStatica is now used in over 57 countries, including almost every major university in the USA and at institutions such as Boeing, Google, NASA, Los Alamos Labs and the US Federal Drug Administration.

Does the old PRINTED book (2002) come with any software?

The old physical PRINTED book, Rose and Smith (2002), comes bundled with mathStatica 1.0 Basic version. This is compatible with Mathematica 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. Please note: Due to changes in the design of Mathematica, the software that ships with the old printed book (mathStatica 1.0) is NOT compatible with Mathematica 5, nor 6, nor 7, nor 8, nor 9, nor 10, nor 11.

Printed book owners who are still using the old v1.0 software can order the new eBook / mathStatica 2.7 bundle here.

I want my dept/company to pay for it!
The easiest way to purchase is online here .

If you do not have a credit card or Paypal account, we can also accept cheques and direct bank transfers. In these cases, instead of using our automated e-commerce system, we will process your purchase manually. Please note that we do not offer credit facilities: as soon as your funds arrive, we we will issue your download link and Gold password file.

    If you cannot order online ...
  1. Ask us ( for a PRO FORMA invoice and state who the invoice should be made out to.
  2. As soon as funds are received, we will send you your download link and GOLD password file by email.

Security / privacy policy
  • We do not view, collect or store any credit card details whatsoever. By using the Paypal electronic gateway for all our transactions (including credit cards), your credit card details remain absolutely private.
  • The mathStatica web site uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all form-based web pages.
  • All transactions are processed securely in real-time.